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Hardback 400 pp.
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Publication date:
September 2015

Imprint: OUP US

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Your Country, My Country

A Unified History of the United States and Canada

Robert Bothwell

Read The Wall Street Journal's review of Your Country, My Country here.

Canada: land of hockey, wintery weather, unfailing politeness - at least, as far as many Americans are aware. For Canadians, the United States is often seen as a land of extremes, both in terms of its policies and its values. Could two countries so seemingly different really have anything in common?

Yes indeed, according to historian Robert Bothwell. In this witty and accessible book, Bothwell argues that the history of the United States and Canada reveals more about each country than most would suspect. Your Country, My Country takes readers back to the seventeenth century, when a shared British colonial heritage set the two lands on paths that would remain intertwined to the present day. Tracing Canadian-American relations, common values, and differences through the centuries, Bothwell suggests that Canadians and Americans are not quite as different as we have been led to believe. He brings this contention down to the present day by examining Canadian and American differences over such questions as universal health care and the war in Iraq. Bothwell finds that what happens in one country is often reflected in the other. This innovative volume contends that Canada's story illuminates America's - and vice-versa.

Readership : Suitable for general readers, scholars, and students interested in the history of North America and Canadian and American identity and politics.


  • "One could say that reciprocity is still the watchword of North American relations. Mr. Bothwell has produced a page-turner on the subject. Two grateful nations should thank him." --David M. Shribman, Wall Street Journal Review

1. Exceptional America: Sovereignties in Northern North Americans
2. Exceptional Americans
3. 1783-1815
4. Postwar, 1815-1854
5. A Colonial Nation, Its Neighbor, and Its Empire
6. 1891-1914
7. World War I
8. Interwar
9. Convergences, 1939-1949
10. The Cold War, 1949-1979
11. Unexpected Destinations
12. Something Old, Something New
13. Back to the Future?

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Robert Bothwell is the Gluskin Professor of Canadian History at the University of Toronto. He has written numerous books on Canadian-American relations and international history, including The Penguin History of Canada and Alliance and Illusion: Canada and the World, 1945-1984.

Reconcilable Differences - Stephen Azzi

Special Features

  • Offers a chronological comparative history of both Canada and the United States, with new insights for readers on both sides of the border.
  • Addresses political, economic, cultural, social, and other aspects of history.
  • Written by a senior historian of Canadian-US relations.