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Publication date:
May 2012

Imprint: OUP Canada

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Internal Markets and Multi-level Governance

The Experience of the European Union, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, and the United States

Edited by George Anderson

Nearly half the world's people live in countries with federal systems of government. A common ambition of such federations - and, indeed, often a key factor in their origins - has been to create integrated internal markets capable of generating higher levels of economic growth and prosperity. Yet despite the importance of such developments, there has never been a broad comparative study of how internal markets have been managed within federal or multi-level systems.

Internal Markets and Multi-level Governance breaks new ground in providing just such a study. George Anderson, long-time president and now president emeritus of the Forum of Federations, has assembled a team of leading experts on the politics and economics of federal systems and set them the task of analyzing the management of internal markets in the United States, Australia, Canada, and Switzerland, as well as the European Union. Though similar economic and political factors often play a role in driving the development of internal markets, outcomes and experiences vary widely depending on individual political and economic circumstances. In the concluding chapter, Anderson attempts to draw some comparative conclusions and highlight potential lessons for policymakers.

Readership : Internal Markets and Multi-level Governance will be of interest and utility for students in upper-level courses on fiscal federalism, constitutional law, and international trade law in political science, law, and business faculties, as well as policymakers and practitioners.

1. George Anderson: Introduction
2. Cliff Walsh: Australia
3. William Dymond and Monique Moreau: Canada
4. Jacques Pelkmans: The European Union
5. Thomas Cottier and Matthias Oesch: Switzerland
6. Conrad J. Weiler, Jr.: The United States of America
7. George Anderson: Internal Markets in Federal or Multi-level Systems

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George Anderson, President Emeritus of the Forum of Federations, served as Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and of Intergovernmental Affairs in the Government of Canada. He studied at Queen's, Oxford, and the École nationale d'administration in Paris and on sabbatical at Harvard. He is the author of Federalism: An Introduction and Fiscal Federalism: An Introduction, and editor of Oil and Gas in Federal Systems.

Federalism - George Anderson
Fiscal Federalism - George Anderson
Market Integration and Public Services in the European Union - Edited by Marise Cremona
Oil and Gas in Federal Systems - Edited by George Anderson

Special Features

  • Unique perspective. This is the first book to study internal markets in the context of federal systems.
  • Comparative analysis. Each chapter provides an in-depth case study of a country, while the conclusion offers a comparative summary of the four countries examined.
  • Expertly written. Volume editor George Anderson has compiled a team of leading experts to write chapters in their areas of expertise.
  • Illustrative material. Figures and tables help readers visualize the latest data on the subject.
  • Informative text boxes. Text boxes provide key summaries in areas such as policy and regulation reforms.