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The Sociology of Education in Canada

Critical Perspectives, Fourth Edition

Terry Wotherspoon

This critical introduction to the key debates, issues, research, and theories in Canadian and international education offers a well-rounded, engaging treatment of a breadth of issues, such as the sociology of teaching, gender and race, feminism, and globalization. Expertly written and researched, this text reflects the current state of the Canadian education system while also considering major challenges and controversies surrounding education systems in the twenty-first century.

Readership : The Sociology of Education in Canada: Critical Perspectives is a core text for second- and third-year sociology of education courses offered out of sociology departments across Canada. There is also a secondary market where the book can be used for sociology of education courses offered out of education departments.

1. The Sociological Analysis of Education
The Sociological Understanding of Educational Problems
Sociology and Its Relation to Other Disciplines
The Nature of Sociological Inquiry
Sociological Perspectives
Emerging Directions in the Critical Analysis of Education
2. Sociological Theories of Education
Structural Functionalism and Liberal Theory
Interpretative Analysis of Schooling
Critical Analysis
Guidelines for Research and Analysis in the Sociology of Education
3. Historical and Organizational Dimensions of Canadian Education
The Historical Development of Education in Canada
4. The Structure of Canadian Education Systems
An Overview of Educational Activities in Canada
School Choice and the Educational Marketplace
The Governance and Financing of Canadian Education
Comparative Educational Growth
5. The Process of Schooling
The Multi-faceted Nature of Educational Practices
The Contribution of Schooling to the Development of Human Subjects
Regulation and Resistance in Schooling
Official Knowledge
Silencing in Educational Processes
Student Response and Resistance
Youth Cultures and Moral Panics
The Concern for Safe, Inclusive Educational Environments
6. Teachers and Teaching
Teachers and Teaching in Canada
Teaching as a Profession
Gender, Diversity, and Teaching
Proletarianization and Intensification of Teaching
7. Schooling and Work
Contemporary Demands for Educational Reform: The 'Mismatch' between Schooling and Jobs
The Relationship between Schooling and Work
The Contributions of Schooling to Work and the Economy
Discontinuities in Relationships among Schooling, Work, and Economic Activity
8. Educational Opportunity and Social Reproduction
The Nature and Causes of Social Inequality in Canada
Educational Opportunity and Social Inequality
Dimensions of Educational Inequality
Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Aboriginal People
Social Class
Students with Disabilities
Regional Inequality
9. Contemporary Educational Challenges and Reforms
Understanding Conflicting Visions of Educational Reform
Rational Planning and Educational Accountability
Education and New Technologies
Education and Social Diversity
Risk and Empowerment: Education in Global Context

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Terry Wotherspoon is professor and head of sociology at the University of Saskatchewan. He has a background in both sociology and education, including a number of years of experience teaching in the field at the primary, secondary, and post-secondary levels. He is also the managing editor of the Canadian Review of Sociology, and has published widely in the discipline.

The Schooled Society - Scott Davies and Neil Guppy
Canadian Perspectives on the Sociology of Education - Edited by Cynthia Levine-Rasky

Special Features

  • Comprehensive overview of the discipline, offers students a complete introduction to all aspects of the sociology of education in Canada.
  • Historical coverage of education in Canada encourages students to think critically about how education has evolved in this country.
  • Engaging real-life examples highlight issues such as emotional literacy, international perspectives on education, and racism.
  • Coverage of contemporary educational challenges and reforms examines how current educational issues such as accountability, new technologies, and social diversity shape the future of education in Canada and around the world.
New to this Edition
  • International Contrast case studies in every chapter compare key issues in Canadian education to those in other countries while encouraging students to think critically about these comparisons.
  • Expanded coverage of contemporary topics such as globalization, bullying, and new digital media.
  • New discussions of inequality including indigenous and visible minority perspectives within the Canadian education system.
  • Learning objectives at the start of every chapter give students an outline of the material to be discussed and helps them set learning goals.
  • Revised and updated to include the latest data, research, and statistics available, including 2011 Census data, making this the most current resource of its kind.