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Spiral Bound 384 pp.
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Publication date:
August 2011

Imprint: OUP Canada

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Canadian Language Basics Volume A

Lesson Plans for LINC/ELSA Level 2

Heather Davis and Lucy Sanford

Canadian Language Basics is divided into three volumes. These three books, divided for each of the main teaching terms, are communicative, thematic teacher's guides that follow the LINC 2/ELSA 2 curriculum guidelines and correlate to the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs). They are designed to provide LINC 2/ELSA 2 instructors with a one-stop resource for the lessons and activities that they need in order to teach the LINC curriculum.

Each book supplies teachers with one term's worth of weekly lesson plans, daily agendas, grammar references pages, and worksheets. For clear, realistic, and colourful illustrations to accompany the lessons, the books use the Oxford Picture Dictionary, Canadian Edition as a vocabulary reference and visual jumping-off point. Canadian Language Basics aims to provide a solid foundation of material for LINC/ELSA teachers in a convenient way that helps them easily teach at the appropriate level for the LINC/ELSA curriculum with less required prep time.

Readership : Teachers of LINC/ELSA level 2 classes.

Unit 1: Getting to Know You
Unit 2: Classroom Nouns
Unit 3: Classroom Verbs and Education
Unit 4: Introduction to Fall
Unit 5: Describing Families
Unit 6: Daily Routines and Life Events
Unit 7: Healthy Living
Unit 8: Healthy Eating
Unit 9: Eating Out
Unit 10: Clothing
Unit 11: Introduction to Winter
Unit 12: Regions of Canada (Central Canada)

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Both Heather Davis and Lucy Sanford have worked for the Durham Continuing Education Board as LINC teachers for over 10 years. They both currently teach LINC 2.

Canadian Language Basics Volume B - Heather Davis and Lucy Sanford
Canadian Language Basics Volume C - Heather Davis and Lucy Sanford

Special Features

  • Content based on LINC 2/ELSA 2 curriculum and written by LINC instructors
  • Daily lesson plans provided along with a wide variety of activity suggestions
  • Activity book is fully reproducible
  • Can be used as part of the Oxford Picture Dictionary program