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Paperback 384 pp.
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Publication date:
October 2009

Imprint: OUP Canada

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You're Hired...Now What?

An Immigrant's Guide to Success in the Canadian Workplace

Lynda Goldman

Series : Canadian Newcomer Series

You're Hired...Now What? will give people from different countries and backgrounds an understanding of Canadian workplace culture and norms. The material is presented as a general guide to adapting to a professional environment and explains common best-practice procedures at work. Examples are given to help explain and illustrate the positive results of working within these general guidelines.

The book (and accompanying workbook) can be used in the classroom as a way of preparing for a job or by individuals wanting to prepare by themselves or to further their careers.

Readership : Adult intermediate ESL learners; specifically newcomers to Canada who are entering their first professional Canadian job.

Part 1: Getting Started
1. How to work well in Canada
2. Understanding your workplace culture
3. Setting the stage for success
4. Projecting a professional image
Part 2: Communicating on the Job
5. Actions speak louder than words
6. Business talk on the job
7. Telephone tips
8. Business writing that gets results
Part 3: Working Relationships
9. Getting along with co-workers
10. Good boss, bad boss
11. Client relations and business etiquette
12. Office politics, gossip, and romance
13. Avoiding and solving problems
14. Networking, small talk and building relationships
Part 4: Achieving Success
15. Managing your time and being productive
16. Business outside the office
17. Meetings and presentations
Words of Wisdom to Achieve Success

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Lynda Goldman (formerly Lynda Berish) worked as an ESL teacher at Concordia University and College Marie-Victorin in Montreal from 1984 to 1998. During that time she published a number of well-respected and well-received ESL books.

After 1998, she shifted to corporate training in areas such as business etiquette, first impressions, professional image, and networking. She has also developed, written, and currently delivers a training program on selling in a multi-cultural environment.

She has authored numerous books, articles, and educational material. She also provides writing services through her professional writing business.

You're Hired...Now What? Workbook - Beverley Payne and Terry Webb
Arrival Survival Canada - Nick Noorani and Sabrina Noorani
How to Find a Job in Canada - Efim Cheinis and Dale Sproule

Special Features

  • Presents specific information and skills to help newcomers understand the Canadian working environment
  • Newcomer-specific concerns addressed and explained
  • Clear, straightforward language makes it accessible to second-language learners.
  • Visuals throughout help to better explain the information and give examples
  • Canadian content
  • Business idioms explained throughout
  • Workbook contains additional discussion questions with follow-up material as well as exercises and activities to increase its classroom utility