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Connecting Policy to Practice in the Human Services

Third Edition

Dr. Brad McKenzie and Dr. Brian Wharf

Traditionally, human services policy has been made by people whose own lives are unaffected by their decisions. As a consequence, that policy often fails to meet the needs of service users. In this third edition of Connecting Policy to Practice in the Human Services, Brad McKenzie and Brian Wharf suggest that a more inclusive process will produce better results. Following a careful examination of current practices, they look at a number of alternative strategies, including shared decision-making, policy communities, and community governance. This edition has been updated throughout and features a new chapter presenting a case study analysis of policy resistance, new chapter summaries, end-of-chapter critical thinking questions, and an online glossary, making it the most current and engaging text available. Linking Canadian social welfare policy with social welfare practice, this indispensable resource encourages and facilitates participation in a process that has significant consequences for many lives.

Readership : Connecting Policy to Practice in the Human Services, third edition, is a supplemental text for introductory social work, social work practice, social work theory, social welfare, social policy, and family and child welfare policy courses offered out of university social work departments at the second- through fourth-year undergraduate level. It also serves social services worker, child and youth work, and gerontology programs offered out of colleges.

1. Policy-Making and Policy-Makers
2. The Social Policy Environment
3. Making Policy in Canada: Structures and Processes
4. Stages of the Policy-Making Process
5. The Implementation Stage
6. Inclusive Approaches to Policy-Making
7. Influencing Policy from Outside the System
8. Marilyn Callahan: Chalk and Cheese: Feminist Thinking and Policy-Making
9. Bruce Wallace & Tim Richards: NEW! Policy Resistance: The Rise and Fall of Welfare Time Limits in British Columbia
10. Policy Making in Aboriginal Child and Family Services
Annotated Websites and Selected Canadian journals

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Dr. Brad McKenzie is Professor Emeritus of Social Work at the University of Manitoba. He began his career as a generalist social worker in Northern Saskatchewan and completed a Masters degree at the University of Manitoba and a doctoral degree in Social Work at Arizona State University. He has held administrative positions as the Acting Associate Dean, the first Director of the Winnipeg Education Centre's Social Work Program (1981-1987), Coordinator of Field Instruction, and Chair of the Graduate Program Committee. Over the past ten years, he has been the primary advisor to more than 35 graduate social work students. His primary teaching areas are Social Policy Analysis, Program Evaluation, and Child and Family Welfare. Between 1999 and 2003, he was the Director of a $2.3 million CIDA-funded international project in Lviv, Ukraine, that led to the development of a new School of Social Work and a consumer-directed resource centre serving people with disabilities.

Dr. Brian Wharf was Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Human and Social Development, University of Victoria. He earned his B.A. from UBC in English and History (1953), his Masters of Social Work four years later, and his PhD from Brandeis University in 1969. During his long career at the University of Victoria, Brian was Director, School of Social Work; Dean, Faculty of Human and Social Development; Professor in a multi-disciplinary graduate program; and Acting Director, School of Public Administration. Brian has published a number of books with Oxford, including Connecting Policy to Practice, first and second editions, and Community Organizing and Rethinking Child Welfare in Canada.

The Dynamics of Social Welfare Policy - Joel Blau
with Mimi Abramovitz
Community Practice - David A. Hardcastle and Patricia R. Powers
With Stanley Wenocur
Social Policy in Canada - Ernie Lightman

Special Features

  • New Chapter! Written by experts in the field, a new chapter that presents a detailed case study analysis based on B.C. 'welfare time limits' introduces students to the important area of policy resistance.
  • New Pedagogy! Chapter summaries, end-of-chapter activities, recommended readings, an online glossary, and critical thinking and activity questions have been added to this edition, providing students with helpful learning aids.
  • Current. With treatment of gender and feminist issues throughout and thoroughly updated with information on social policy changes and new models of planning, the text is relevant and relatable to today's students.
  • Balanced Approach. Combines extensive discussion and critique of current approaches to policy-making with an analysis of the gaps between policy and practice, offering students a well-rounded perspective on the subject matter.
  • Accessible. Through the use of clear language, logical organization, and a clean layout, this edition provides students with unfettered access to pertinent information.