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Publication date:
March 2008

Imprint: OUP Canada

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Language 8

Robin Pearson, Debbie Chambers, Myra Junyk and Edited by Rachel Eagen

Trillium Listed in Ontario!

Ministry/ERAC Approved in British Columbia!

Language 8 has been designed to specifically address individual curriculum criteria, as outlined in the new Ontario Language curriculum for Grade 8. It is also a recommended resource in Grade Collections for Grade 8 in British Columbia. This resource incorporates the four strands, which include oral communication (speaking and listening), reading/viewing skills and strategies, writing and representing, and media literacy. Unique features include differentiated instruction and scaffolding, metacognition and reflective thinking, critical literacy, and student engagement.

Readership : Grade 8 Language Arts Students.

Unit 1: Challenge
A Praise for Listener
A Mountain Legend
A Life or Death Race in Alaska
Hindenburg's Hydrogen Inferno
The Choice
Star Wars (film review)
Star Wars (comparison chart)
Unit 2: Imagination
A Grave Misunderstanding
Let's Go to the Videotape
History of the Superhero
Enter the Superheroes
My Superpowers
Molly Killingbeck: Taking a Chance
Unit 3: Outlook
I Just Stood By and Let It Happen
Guy Things
Internet Safety: Safe Surfing Tips for Teens
Tennis Champion
Back to School Last Year/This Year
Beyond Image
Degrassi Junior High: The Big Dance
Crankshaft cartoon
Unit 4: Communication
Wild Style CSI Critters
Why do we look like our parents & chromosomes
Into the Maghreb
Our Song
Governor General's Installation Speech
Immigration Timeline
Unit 5: Change
There Are No Bad Days
You Have Two Voices
The Belonging Place
We Have Ruins
Nellie Mooney McClung
Speech from Famous Five Breakfast
Unit 6: Global Community
And the Beat Goes On
Who Invented the Peace Symbol?
Amatalrauf al-Sharki
My Body is My Own Business
If the World Were a Village
The Breadwinner

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Robin Pearson is a Former ESL/ELD consultant and Principal with the Waterloo Region District School Board. Debbie Chambers is V.P. at Sydenham District High School, Limestone DSB. Myra Junyk is a Retired Literacy Consultant, TCDSB.

Language 7 - Debbie Chambers, Robin Pearson and Myra Junyk
Edited by Rachel Eagen

Special Features

  • Differentiation and Scaffolding: Units provide multiple ways to master the material based on personal learning styles. Scaffolding is achieved by completing Formative Tasks that build the necessary skill set to address the final Summative Tasks.
  • Metacognition and Reflective Thinking: Self-reflective learning strategies are cultivated throughout each unit. By developing an understanding of personal learning styles each student consciously utilizes the most effective strategies to promote individual success, particularly important for struggling students.
  • Critical Literacy: Students develop the ability to distinguish between fact and opinion, while identifying concepts of social justice on an international scale.