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Paperback 176 pp.
17 figures; 22 tables; 26 screenshots, 8" x 10"



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The Statistics Coach

Learning Through Practice

Lance W. Roberts, Tracey Peter and Karen Kampen

The Statistics Coach: Learning Through Practice is a comprehensive supplementary text intended to helps students understand key statistical concepts and principles through guided application. Based on a three-part "coaching" model, students are guided through twelve labs designed to optimize their ability to apply and practice the theories and techniques involved in using statistics as part of sociological research. The Statistics Coach is the essential supplementary text for any introductory social statistics course.

Readership : Sociology majors from universities and university-colleges at the second- and third-year levels will use this companion volume alongside their core texts for introductory social statistics. After introductory sociology, introductory social statistics is the next compulsory course (along with research methods) required of sociology majors as a degree prerequisite.

'You Play the Way You Practise': A Preface for Students
1. An Introduction to SPSS
2. Basic Univariate Analyses
3. The Shape of Distributions and Z-Scores
4. Data Transformation
5. Bivariate Tables
6. Trivariate Tables
7. PRE Measures for Crosstabs
8. Correlation and Regression
9. Inference and Chi Square
10. Inference and t-tests
11. Samples and Inferences
12. Putting It All Together
SPSS Essentials
About the Authors

Companion Website:
Students: features tips for completing labs
Instructors: features 'Constructive Feedback' component of each lab

Lance W. Roberts is a professor in the sociology department and a fellow of St John's College at the University of Manitoba. He recently completed a term as director of the Winnipeg Area Study, a survey research unit. For over three decades he has taught undergraduate and graduate methods and statistics courses and is the author of several books and dozens of articles on topics related to social trends, ethnic relations, education, and inequality.

Karen Kampen is a doctoral candidate in the sociology department's PhD program at the University of Manitoba, where she holds the position of lab instructor. Her main areas of interest are environmental sociology and research methods. She has spent 15 years working in universities as a research associate, collecting and analyzing data for long-term projects such as a health-care program evaluation and books on social trends and poverty. She also serves as an instructor for introductory sociology and undergraduate methods courses.

Tracey Peter is an assistant professor in the sociology department at the University of Manitoba. Her areas of specialization include data analysis and syntax programming, skills she advanced during her tenure as a research associate and programming manager with a nationally based evaluation research company. Professor Peter currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in research methods and statistics and is working on several projects in mental health and violence, suicide prevention, education, and immigration research.

Introduction to Statistics for Canadian Social Scientists - Michael Haan
Simple Statistics - Terance D. Miethe and Jane Florence Gauthier
Making Sense in the Social Sciences - Margot Northey, Lorne Tepperman and Patrizia Albanese

Special Features

  • Practical approach. Fosters students' ability to do statistics in addition to understanding statistics.
  • Three-part coaching model. Each of the twelve method labs consists of three parts:
  • 'Tune Up': provides a succinct overview of the central statistical concepts of the lab
  • 'Lab Application': includes learning objectives and challenges similar to those faced by practicing social researchers, helping to build student confidence and understanding of the concepts and techniques through actual hands-on practice
  • 'Constructive Feedback': comments and answers for each lab application available online for instructors only, encouraging students to work through the lab on their own before being given the solutions
  • Perforated pages. Allows labs to be torn out and submitted by students as assignments.
  • SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) screen shots, figures, and tables. Visuals throughout aid in student comprehension of the material.
  • SPSS Essentials. Reference section at the end of the text provides step-by-step guidelines for using SPSS, familiarizing students with the essentials of the program including how to open and close software, access data files, define new variables, and enter data.