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Hardback 240 pp.
20 maps, 20 TechArt, 6 illustrations, 8.5" x 11"



Publication date:
April 2007

Imprint: OUP Canada

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Close-Up Canada

Second Edition

J. Bradley Cruxton, Doug Wilson, Robert Walker, Daniel Francis, Brian Harrison, Peggy Johnson, and others

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Close-Up Canada, Second Edition
, explores the cultural, political, economic, and social climate of the development of Canada from the 17th century to the early 19th century. Students will learn about the early settlement patterns, lifestyles, and interactions between Aboriginal groups and the English and French.

Readership : Grade 7 History Students -- Ontario.

Features in this Textbook
UNIT 1: New France
Aboriginal Perspectives
Europe Looks West
Cartier Explores the Coast
The French Return to North America
Partners in Trade
Skill Builder: Interpreting Images
The Catholic Church in New France
The King's Colony
Skill Builder: Conducting Effective Research
Comparing Colonies
A Unique Society in North America
Skill Builder: Using a Graphic Organizer
Life in Acadia
Background to War
The Struggle for Canada
Formative Tasks
Summative Task
UNIT 2: British North America
The American Revolution
Who Were the Loyalists?
Skill Builder: Cause and Effect Relationships
A New Society
Organizing the Government
The War of 1812
Skill Builder: Reading and Understanding Historical Maps
Immigration to Upper Canada
New Directions for the Economy
Pioneers of Upper Canada
Skill Builder: Reading Historical Fiction
Education in Upper Canada
Formative Tasks
Summative Tasks
UNIT 3: Conflict and Change
The Rebellion in Upper Canada
Skill Builder: Determining Reliable Sources
The Rebellion in Lower Canada
Skill Builder: Presenting Options
Results of the Rebel
Responsible Government at Last
Formative Tasks
Summative Task

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J. Bradley Cruxton and Doug Wilson are both retired from the Durham Board of Education.

Flashback Canada - J. Bradley Cruxton, Doug Wilson, Daniel Francis, Brian Harrison, Peggy Johnson and Edited by Matthew Tran-Adams

Special Features

  • Addresses fundamental historical concepts:
  • Systems and Structures: human organization
  • Interaction and Interdependence: influences that shape relationships
  • Environment: human systems and settlement patterns
  • Culture: human interpretation of the world
  • Power and Governance: structures to enforce laws and rules in society
  • Change and Continuity: Development of human systems and structures
  • Reflects benchmarks and concepts of historical thinking:
  • Historical Significance; Primary Sources; Continuity and Change; Cause, Consequence, and Agency; Moral Dimension
  • Unique Features:
  • Formative and Summative Tasks:
  • Provides scaffolding instruction. Specific topics mirror the Ontario Ministry of Education's expectations for assessment and evaluation.
  • Improves recognition of Canada's diverse heritages:
  • Promotes Antidiscrimination Education:
  • Consistent focus on the different perspectives of all contributors to our history. Designed to help students grapple with the complexities of our unique, democratic society.