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Loose Leaf 968 pp.
8.5" x 11"



Publication date:
February 2006

Imprint: OUP Canada

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Communi-Quete: 3: All-in-One

Teacher Resource Book ON Ed.

Irene Bernard and Beverley Biggar

Series : Communi-Quête

This core program offers an engaging, pedagogically-sound communicative approach with a flexible, budget-conscious format. The motivating and captivating themes appeal to students from a variety of cultures and varying ability levels.

Material for all 6 units is included, as well as the Mini-guides and Grammar summaries from each unit. The CD-ROM is also included in the front of the binder.

Readership : G10 FSL teachers in all provinces except Ontario

There is no Table of Contents available at this time.
There are no Instructor/Student Resources available at this time.

Beverley Biggar was formerly FSL publisher, Oxford University Press.

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