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Publication date:
August 2006

Imprint: OUP Canada

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Culture Quest

Student Book

Angus Scully

Culture Quest focuses on helping students to develop a better understanding of the diversity in the world as well as to recognize and appreciate the commonalities among cultures. Students will cultivate an understanding of the role that culture plays in their lives by examining their own culture as well as cultures from around the world.

French version Un Monde de Cultures available. Please contact Chenelière Éducation (www.cheneliere.ca) for details.

Readership : Grade 6 Social Studies Students - Atlantic Canada

Unit 1 Your Culture Quest
1. Exploring Culture
2. Cultural Regions in our World
3. Understanding Other Cultures
4. Creating a Global Culture
Unit 2 Environment and Culture
5. World Climate and Vegetation
6. Culture and the Environment
7. Resources and Conservation
Unit 3 Some Elements of Culture
8. The Middle East: Tradition and Change
9. China: Government and Culture
10. Economy and Culture
Unit 4 Expressions of Culture
11. West Africa: Music, Dance, and Art
12. Africa: Language and Literature
13. Sports and Games in Africa
Unit 5 World Issues
14. The Distribution of Wealth
15. Challenged in Human Rights
16. Being a Global Citizen
Unit 6 Canada: A Multicultural Mosaic
17. One Society, Many Cultures

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