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Publication date:
October 2005

Imprint: OUP Canada

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Communi-Quete: 3: Et Maintenant, passons

Teacher Resource Book ON Ed.

Irene Bernard and Beverley Biggar

Series : Communi-Quête

Students learn about and discuss the key elements of a Francophone TV newscast. They analyze the different components that are covered in such a newscast, including the weather forecast, entertainment or special-interest items, and sports. Using authentic documents on both video and in printed reading materials (taken from authentic Francophone newscasts, newspapers, and radio broadcasts), students discover the many different facets of the media in Canadian society and its impact on its viewers and listeners. Students discuss tips for putting together a newscast in order to prepare for the final task.

Final task: presented either on video or live in front of the class. Students will create and present a news program, featuring local, national and international news, as well as other popular features such as entertainment, the arts, sports, weather, etc.
The Teacher's Resource Book is organized into 8 to 10 "lessons". Each lesson is broken down into three phases: Pre-Activity, Activity, Post-Activity. The Teacher's Resource Book contains methodology, language, content and outcomes summary charts, and comprehensive lesson plans written by practicing teachers. Also includes assessment and evaluation with reproducible rubrics, checklists and worksheets, as well as additional activities (in reproducible master format). In every thematic unit, teaching notes are provided for combined grades, differentiated instruction for vaying ability levels and for varying the final task.

Readership : G9 FSL teachers in Ontario

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Bernard - Series Editor and Senior Author Biggar - Senior Author; FSL Publisher, Oxford University Press Canada

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