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Population Change in Canada

Second Edition

Roderic Beaujot and Don Kerr

Population Change in Canada thoroughly presents all issues surrounding population. Critical topics include mortality, health and health care, fertility and the reproduction of society, immigration and the population change in Canada, population distribution, internal migration and the regions, changing growth patterns and their implications, population aging, and population, socio-economic, and socio-cultural composition.

Readership : Second- and third-year undergraduate courses on population and society, demographic studies, and social demography in sociology departments.

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Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The Population of Canada before the Twentieth Century
Part I: The Population Process
Chapter 3. Mortality, Health, and Health Care
Chapter 4. Fertility and the Reproduction of Society
Chapter 5. Immigration and the Population of Canada
Part II: Growth, Distribution, and Aging
Chapter 6. Population Distribution, Internal Migration, and the Regions
Chapter 7. Changing Growth Patterns and Their Implications
Part III: Consequences of Population Change
Chapter 9. Change in Family and Household Units
Chapter 10. Socio-cultural and Socio-economic Composition
Chapter 11. The Demography of the Aboriginal Population in Canada
Chapter 12. Conclusions
Appendix A. Population Estimates and Demographic Accounts
Appendix B. The Life Table
Appendix C. Crude Rates, the TFR, and Standardization
Appendix D. 2000 World Population Data Sheet
Author Index
Subject Index

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Roderic Beaujot and Don Kerr are both at the University of Western Ontario.

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Special Features

  • Includes a historical framework
New to this Edition
  • Thoroughly updated statistics
  • New part divisions add cohesion
  • Two new chapters: Pre-Confederation Population and Aboriginal Demography
  • Focus of text has been shifted from policy to population
  • Roughly 25% of the text has been altered
  • More visuals! Now includes over 45 tables and 35 figures
  • New boxes with interesting and accessible case studies, profiles, newspaper articles, current debates, and key topics
  • Chapter pedagogy includes learning objectives, critical thinking questions, annotated recommended readings, and annotated web related sites
  • New appendix material