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Race and Ethnic Relations in Canada

Second Edition

Edited by Peter S. Li

Race and Ethnic Relations in Canada was first published in 1990 by Oxford University Press as a collection of twelve original essays that provided a comprehensive overview of government policies and academic theories that affect the way race and ethnic relations are structured and interpreted in Canada. This second edition takes into account social changes and academic debates of the 1990s and updates materials and arguments in the original edition. The contributors, all leading Canadian sociologists and social scientists, discuss a wide range of topics, including theories of race and ethnicity, demographic trends, the 'vertical mosaic', immigration, multiculturalism, employment equity, policy on Native peoples, and language policy. The book is essential reading for understanding Canada's race and ethnic relations.

Part I: Introduction
1. Peter S. Li: Race and Ethnicity
2. Madeline A. Kalbach, and Warren E. Kalbach, both at University of Calgary: Demographic Overview of Ethnic Origin Groups in Canada
Part II: Race, Ethnicity, and the State
3. Morton Weinfeld, McGill University and Lori A. Wilkinson, Doctoral student, University of Alberta: Immigration, Diversity, and Minority Communities
4. Frances Henry (Emerita) and Carol Tator, both at York University: State Policy and Practices as Racialized Discourse: Multiculturalism, the Charter, and Employment Equality
5. James Frideres, University of Calgary: Altered State: Federal Policy and Aboriginal Peoples
6. Peter S. Li: The Multiculturalism Debate
7. Wilfrid Denis, St Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan: Language Policy in Canada
Part III: Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity
8. Hugh Lautard, University of New Brunswick and Neil Guppy, University of British Columbia: Revisiting the Vertical Mosaic: Occupational Stratification Among Canadian Ethnic Groups
9. K. Victor Ujimoto, University of Guelph: Studies of Ethnic Identity, Ethnic Relations, and Citizenship
10. Raymond Breton (Emeritus), University of Toronto: Intergroup Competition in the Symbolic Construction of Canadian Society
11. Vic Satzewich, McMaster University: The Political Economy of Race and Ethnicity
12. Daiva K. Stasiulis, Carleton University: Feminist Intersectional Theorizing
List of Contributors
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Peter S. Li, Professor of Sociology at the University of Saskatchewan, is author of many books and articles in the area of race and ethnic studies. Amnong his books are The Making of Postwar Canada and The Chinese in Canada, both published by Oxford University Press.

Making Sense in the Social Sciences - Margot Northey, Lorne Tepperman and Patrizia Albanese

Special Features

  • Each of the essays is written by leading academics
  • Updated materials and arguments, reflecting changes in thought and policies in the 1990s