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Hardback 208 pp.
colour illustrations, 9.25" x 10.5"



Publication date:
May 2000

Imprint: OUP Canada

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Outlooks 5

Connections Canada

Daniel Francis

Connections Canada is part of the Outlooks Program written exclusively by a team of British Columbia social studies authors to meet the unique requirements of the BC Social Studies IRP.

The Outlooks Program consists of one hardcover text per Grade 4 through to Grade 7. Richly illustrated in full colour, each book is written to meet the learning outcomes of the specific IRP.

French version Horizons 5: La Mosaique Canadienne available. Please contact Chenelière Éducation (www.cheneliere.ca) for details.

Readership : BC Elementary Grade 5 Social Studies students

There is no Table of Contents available at this time.

Teacher's Resource Binder

Daniel Francis is a professional writer and historian based in British Columbia.

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Special Features

  • Written exclusively by a team of B.C. Social Studies authors to meet the learning outcomes of the specific IRP
  • The main body text provides the narrative of the topic in both written and visual forms
  • In the Words of...provides personal interviews or authentic first-hand documents from Aboriginal legends and current interviews
  • How To...provides information strategies or processes related to critical thinking and research skills
  • A Closer Look provides detailed examinations of specific aspects of a chapter, often with information and technology
  • Real People provides brief biographies of people involved in the events
  • Sidebars provide reminders and tips to help students read, interpret, and understand the time or place being studied
  • Looking Back closes the unit by summarizing key topics and making connections to the author
  • Activities: Try This, Think for Yourself, and Find Out More, and Active Citizenship