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Political Sociology

Canadian Perspectives

Douglas Baer

The papers in this volume provide a wide-ranging sample of the issues debated, the methodologies used, and the analytical orientations adopted by Canadian political sociologists. Drawing upon some of the top Canadian political sociologists, the book is organized into five parts: political beliefs and political culture; the state; social movements; political movements; and, politics and social class, each beginning with an introductory overview of the area by the volume's editor, Douglas Baer.

1. Douglas Baer: Political Sociology: An Overview
Part A: Political Beliefs and Political Culture
2. Lorne Tepperman, University of Toronto: The Postmaterialist Thesis: Has There Been a Shift in Political Cultures?
3. Edward G. Grabb, University of Western Ontario and James E. Curtis, University of Waterloo: Comparing Central Political Values in the Canadian and American Democracies
4. Douglas Baer: Political Ideology
Part B: The State
5. Alan Jeffrey, University of Western Ontario: Globalization and the Late-Modern State
6. Julia S. O'Connor, Director, National Economic and Social Council, Dublin, Ireland. Formerly in the Department of Sociology, McMaster University: Understanding The Welfare State and Welfare States: Theoretical Perspectives
7. Mary Ellen Turpel, Saskatchewan Provinical Court Judge: Does the Road to Quebec Sovereignty Run Through Aboriginal Territory?
Part C: Social Movements
8. William K. Carroll, University of Victoria: Social Movements
9. James E. Curtis and Edward G. Grabb: Involvement in the Organizational Base of New Social Movements in English Canada and French Canada
Part D: Political Movements
10. Trevor W. Harrison, University of Alberta: Populism: The Rise and Transformation of the Reform Party of Canada
11. Edward Bell, University of Western Ontario: Prairie Politics: Why 'Right' in Alberta but 'Left' in Saskatchewan?
12. Claude Denis, University of Alberta: The New Democratic Party in Quebec Politics
13. Maurice Pinard, McGill University: The Quebec Independence Movement: From Its Emergence to the 1995 Referendum
Part E: Politics and Social Class
14. Elizabeth Gidengil, McGill University: The Class Voting Conundrum
15. William A. Johnston, University of Alberta: Class and Politics in the Era of the Global Economy
16. Tom Langford, University of Calgary: Does Class Matter? Beliefs About the Economy and Politics in Postindustrial Canada
17. Norine Verberg, St. Francis Xavier University: The Politics of Housing: Issues of Social Class and Gender

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Douglas Baer is at University of Victoria.

Making Sense in the Social Sciences - Margot Northey, Lorne Tepperman and Patrizia Albanese

Special Features

  • Section introductions provide students with a well-rounded and thorough overview of each area
  • The contributors are some of the top Canadian sociologists including: Lorne Tepperman, Jim Cutis, Ed Grabb, and Alan Jeffrey.