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Publication date:
October 2015

Imprint: OUP UK

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Inside Listening and Speaking: Level One: Student Book

The Academic Word List in Context

Kristin D. Sherman
Pronunciation Expert Sarah Sandoski and Series Director Cheryl Boyd Zimmerman

Develop listening and speaking skills and acquire the Academic Word List.

Inside Listening and Speaking is a five-level academic listening and speaking course that develops students' skills and teaches key academic vocabulary from the Academic Word List.

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Kristin D. Sherman is well respected in her field.

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Special Features

  • Explicit skills instruction prepares students for academic listening and speaking.
  • Authentic videos from a variety of academic contexts engage and motivate students.
  • Pronunciation instruction ensures students are articulate, clear speakers.
  • iTools Digital Resources for Teachers on USB focus the class on key teaching points.
  • Access all audio and video content on the Digital Download Center.