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Publication date:
November 2006

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Lecture Ready: Level 3: Answer Key/Script

Peg Sarosy and Kathy Sherak

Lecture training with a Student Book and a DVD of filmed lectures prepares students to experience the demands of an actual lecture.

Readership : Students in (U.S.) community colleges aspiring to enter an academic course of study in a (U.S.) college or university. Students in (U.S.) non-academic or pre-academic university English programs. Students in (U.S.) IEPs, PLSs, and high schools.

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Peg Sarosy is an Academic Coordinator at the American Language Institute at San Francisco State University. Kathy Sherak is Associate Director of the American Language Institute at San Francisco State University. She previously taught in San Francisco State University s ESL program and was a Fulbright Teacher Trainer in Italy.

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Special Features

  • Listening Strategies help students recognize language signals and tune in to academic lectures.
  • Note-taking Strategies help students manage information intake.
  • Discussion Strategies help students participate fully in classroom discussion.
  • Themed units align with academic content areas.