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Publication date:
July 1997

Imprint: OUP UK

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Tiny Talk: Level 1: Student Book B

Susan Rivers
With songs by Carolyn Graham

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A three-level communicative listening and speaking series for 3 to 6 year-olds.

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Susan Rivers is a well-respected OUP author.

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Special Features

  • The course provides a simple but steady development of new language through a carefully graded syllabus with built-in review.
  • The characters, themes, and situations are relevant and appealing to very young children.
  • Each Student Book unit opens with the main characters featured storybook style in a familiar daily situation. This is followed by a focus on vocabulary items and a short Pattern Practice of the language structure. The unit concludes with a sticker activity.
  • Songs by Carolyn Graham, well-known songwriter and creator of <a href="/elt/catalogue/isbn/8990">Jazz Chants</a>, appear in every lesson.
  • At each level all the components except for the Teacher's Books are split into manageable A and B sections.
  • Friendly puppets of the series' main characters are also available. These can be used to motivate the students and encourage even the most hesitant students to participate.
  • Picture editions are available in some markets. All words have been removed to accommodate pre-readers.