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Publication date:
August 2005

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Socialism: A Very Short Introduction

Michael Newman

Series : Very Short Introductions

What is socialism? Does it have a future, or has it become an outdated ideology in the 21st century?

Michael Newman examines and explains the successes and failures of modern socialism by taking an international perspective -- ranging from communism in Cuba to social democracy in Sweden. Discussing its evolution from the industrial towns of the 19th century to its response to the feminist, green, and anti-capitalist movements today, Newman concludes that, with its values of equality, solidarity, and cooperation, socialism remains as relevant as ever but that it needs to learn lessons from the past.

Readership : Students and general readers interested in learning more about politics, political science and economics, Marxism, history of politics, and contemporary forms of socialism.


  • `"well written and enjoyable to read."'
    Giles Bentley, Socialist Review

1. Socialist traditions
2. Cuban communism and Swedish social democracy
3. New Lefts - enrichment and fragmentation
4. Socialism today and tomorrow
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Michael Newman is Professor of Politics at London Metropolitan University, where he is also Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration Studies and Director of the London European Research Centre. His previous publications include Ralph Miliband and the Politics of the New Left (Merlin Press) and Democracy, Sovereignty and the European Union (Hurst).

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Special Features

  • Offers a combined historical and practical perspective on socialism
  • Brings subject entirely up to date by examining contemporary forms of socialism
  • Provides an optimistic view of socialism and how it might succeed in the future