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Core Concepts in Cultural Anthropology

Sixth Edition

Robert H. Lavenda and Emily A. Schultz

The only brief cultural anthropology text specifically designed to prepare students to read ethnographies more effectively and with greater understanding, this is a concise introduction to the basic ideas and practices of contemporary cultural anthropology.

Readership : Undergraduate college students of cultural anthropology


  • "Core Concepts in Cultural Anthropology is comprehensible, well structured, and not overloaded with information, which makes it ideal for introductory classes. I recommend the book without hesitation."
    --Ralph M. Becker, University of Northern Colorado

  • "This is a fantastic supplement to course lectures and a companion to reading ethnographies."
    --Ana Croegaert, University of New Orleans

  • "Core Concepts in Cultural Anthropology provides students with a firm grounding in key anthropological concepts and allows me to assign a reader and ethnography in the course. This enables students to learn about how anthropology is practiced in a way that is far more in depth than any textbook could offer."
    --Carolyn Schwarz, Goucher College

  • "This book is beautifully written. Its clarity and intellectual approach to topics commonly explored in introduction to socio-cultural anthropology is impressive. It is one of the best textbooks I have read in years."
    --Orit Tamir, New Mexico Highlands University

1. Anthropology
2. Culture
3. Meaning-Making and Language
4. World View and Religion
5. The Dimensions of Social Organization
6. Sex, Gender, and Sexuality
7. Relatedness: Kinship, Marriage, Family, and Friendship
8. Political Anthropology
9. Economic Anthropology
10. Globalization
11. The Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Medicine
12. Theory in Cultural Anthropology
Appendix: Reading Ethnography

- Available through VitalSource.com

Robert H. Lavenda is Professor of Anthropology and Co-Chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at St. Cloud State University.

Emily A. Schultz is Professor of Anthropology at St. Cloud State University.

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Gangsters Without Borders - T.W. Ward
Listen, Here is a Story - Bonnie L. Hewlett
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Cuban Color in Tourism and La Lucha - L. Kaifa Roland
Body & Soul - Loïc Wacquant
Making Sense in the Social Sciences - Margot Northey, Lorne Tepperman and Patrizia Albanese

Special Features

  • Concise yet comprehensive introduction to the discipline, providing undergraduate students with a foundation in the core concepts of the field.
  • Introduces key terms used in cultural anthropology, this text functions as an expanded glossary for introductory resources.
  • Unique appendix on reading ethnographies makes this the ideal companion to ethnographies or other resources.
New to this Edition
  • New chapter on gender and sexuality provides the core concepts of this topic.
  • Examples and data updated throughout for a current look at the discipline.